Man Accidentally Donates Pet Albino Snake to Fort Worth Goodwill


A snake and its owner were reunited on Saturday after the animal was accidentally donated to Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth last week. 

'Toki the Snake' had been missing for the last six months according to his owner Austin Pair who told NBC DFW that after he came back from a vacation, he couldn't find his pet albino, red-tailed boa snake anywhere. 

"We looked everywhere. We even tried putting out glue, rat traps in hopes of trapping him. It wouldn’t have hurt him. He would have just lost some scales. We checked all the couches... or so we thought... all the clothing. We tore every single room apart and nothing. Just snake is gone."

A few months passed and as Pair was preparing to move, he began donating old items to Goodwill, including a couch, where unknown to him, Toki had been hiding out. 

Crew members at the Goodwill Warehouse discovered the snake hiding out in the couch. 

"I’m just glad I was there to keep everyone safe and to keep my employees safe too,” said James Murphy whose crew is the one who recovered the snake. “We get creepy crawlies from time to time... spiders, rats and mice. But nothing this exotic. Definitely not something that I am used to."

Murphy, who also owns snakes himself, kept Toki safe until someone came forward to claim him. 

Pair said a friend of his saw the media reports about the albino snake being found at Goodwill and immediately recognized his little buddy. He made a call and was reunited with him. He says the whole experience taught him a valuable lesson about caring for snakes like Tokie. 

"Don't buy an aquarium with an open top and try to make a lid,” he said. “Just buy a legit terrarium. The one that has a wire top. Get tape for the sides if necessary.”


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