Trends We Left In 2018 & You Should Too!

Happy New Year everyone! You know with the turn of the New Year comes a turn of trends! You may be wondering what trends 2019 has to offer... Well, its only our third day out here, we don't know. We will tell you what trends you should have left in 2018 though! Let us know if we forgot any! Comment which trends you're leaving behind this year. 

Photos @ Getty Images. 

  • Camo Pants: We know how much blending in was a trend in 2018 but let's leave the camouflage attributes to the plants and other species. 
  • ASMR Videos: Okay so Cardi B. loves them, and we love Cardi but we are tired of hearing and seeing y'all slurping on pickles and Taco Bell.
  • Itty Bitty Sunglass Frames: They were cute in the matrix and were even cute in 2018, but lets not bring them back to the future. 
  • Instagram Based Companies: We know that flat tummy tea and waist trainer Tiny was wearing didn't work in 2018 and damn sure won't work in 2019. 
  • Bucket Hats: These hats have kicked the bucket guys, let those fine hairlines & edges flourish all 2019!
  • Arguing in Comments: We've seen you under The Shade Room comments, caps locking back and forth with @msbubblezz. We want you to get your trigger off your twitter fingers this year. 
  • Ass Shots: There have been far too many examples in 2018 alone, reminding us that 2019 should be all about natural bodies. 
  • Multicolored Hair: Yes Tekashi 6ix9ine made rainbow hair cool, but when 69 people have the same rainbow hair then it's really not so cool.  
  • IG Sponsorships: There is no way that Fashion Nova could be  partnered with all the celebrities and don't want to take more money off that promo code! Nah, these sponsorships need to be cancelled this year. 
  • Rap Beefs For Clout: This year was filled with tons of people needing to prove themselves opposed their competitors. However not every battle was created equally and this year we'd like to see less beefs and more collabs! Who do y'all hope collaborates this year?