Beautiful Mountain Lion Spotted In Malibu Resident Backyard (PIC)

The Woolsey Fire (and Camp Fire up North) have displaced so many people...and our animal counterparts. Bunnies, fox, an even mountain lions have been popping up in backyards.

Like Malibu resident, Brooke deRosa, posted on Facebook after finally being allowed to return to her home...a sneak peak into her backyard where one mountain lion has taken refuge to drink from her pool.

The respected singer and musician captioned "Well. We're home. And we apparently have a new family member."

According to vetinarian Stephany Lewis from the California Wildlife Center, many of these animals have a sense about when something as catastrophic as a wildfire is about to happen. They pick up subtle cues to help them escape. "It's a natural process that has happened longer than you and I have been on earth and it will happen longer than you and I are here....[they] have evoleved to deal with this because this is a natural part of their landscapes. So most of them will be able to escape." 

So we have seen a lot of animals taking refuge in our backyards. But what should people like Brooke, do?

You may see many memes circulating about leaving out water or food for the wild neighbors that land in our backyards. Like this one:

However, Peter Tira of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife says "In a wildfire, you should let the animals take care of themselves. It is detrimental to put food and water out for them because then they become dependent on people. And that never ends well for the animals." And leaving food out is the same as leaving out water. "You aren't doing them a favor by attracting them to dwellings that catch fire."

Plus, when life gets back to would your pets handle the guest?

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