Tips and Tricks to Making a Vision Board for 2019!

First things first, what is a vision board? A vision board (also referred to as a dream board) is a personal collage of images and affirmations for the future that will act as motivation for you to achieve whatever you put on the board. It is yours. Therefore, you have the free will to put any and everything you want on it. Here are popular things that should be on everyone's vision board. 

  1. Save Money 
    • impulse purchases can happen often and will cause you to spend money you do not want to spend. Have a huge sign to save money as a reminder. You can even put some of your dream purchases around it so you know that's what you have to save money it. You'll thank yourself later on. 
  2. Meaningful Quotes 
    • whether it's finding quotes or making up your own, they will help you articulate to words what you are expecting from life. It also can be that voice in your head to push you when you  


Making a vision board is fun and exciting, but if you're really trying to achieve what's on the board you have to keep some things in mind. 

  • Make a realistic board
    • Hold off on putting the Lamborghini or the mansion on your vision board UNLESS it's for motivational purposes. If you're looking to check things off the list and have a completed vision board by December than be real about it. 
  • Put it somewhere you can see it
    • The whole purpose of it is to remind and motivate you. Put it somewhere in your room you know you won't miss it. Places like above your bed, the fridge, or the closet will work out fine because they are frequently visited. 

Photo: GettyImages