Del Taco Plans to Sell Crinkle Cut Scented Soap Because Why Not?

Del Taco is bringing your dreams of smelling like crinkle-cut french fries to life.

The fast-food chain with 580 restaurants in 14 states has decided you've waited long enough to smell crinkle cut fries while showering. Unfortunately, the lightly-scented French fry-scented soap, (appropriately named 'Eau De French Fry') isn't available on menus at restaurants. Instead, Del Taco is giving the 5 oz. bars of soap away for free on its Instagram page Tuesday to guests who go to the fast food chain today and posts a photo of their Fresh Faves Box and tag the brand.

"Stay fresh with soap that will make you smell as exquisite as the world-famous fries we include in every Fresh Faves Box Meal," the soap box reads. "Brought to you by the hardest working hands in fast food."

However, if you don't mind waiting another day to smell like fast food, the soap will become available for purchase on Del Taco's website for a mere $3.95 (while supplies last).

Del Taco isn't the only fast food chain trying to get in on the household scented items. In December, Kentucky Fried Chicken debuted a Yule Log that smelled like fried chicken. KFC also started an IndieGoGo campaign to help crowdfund a Kentucky Fried Hot Tub that would have room for "five fried chicken-loving people."

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