Office Worker Disgusted To Discover New Water Cooler's Source Is The Toilet

When it comes to an office, just about everyone tends to use two things - the bathroom and the water cooler. Typically, the two aren't really connected but at one office, they are just a little too closely related for some people. An employee there posted a video on Twitter of their new water cooler. The fancy, advanced dispenser is set up to give out cool or warm H2O, but the video investigates just where the water is coming from, and the answer is a little disturbing.

The employee follows the line that goes into the back of the cooler. It is coming from the nearby bathroom. The video shows the line goes around the door and strangely, under and past the sink, bypassing the water pipes there. Instead, the line keeps going to the toilet, where it connects in back of the porcelain.

***WARNING: Tweet contains strong language in the caption and in the video***

The thought of drinking toilet water is enough to gross anyone out, and much of the reaction to the tweet centered on that:

However, other responses pointed out that there is nothing wrong with this set-up:

Not everyone was buying it though:

No word on if the company is planning to change the source of the water for their cooler.

Photo: Twitter/_eva_420