This Is Louisiana's Most Unique Christmas Tradition

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Decking the halls, listening to your favorite holiday tunes, decorating a tree with lights, ornaments and tinsel. If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you have a tradition you look forward to each year. While some are pretty run of the mill, others may offer a bizarre yet still festive take on the holiday.

Insider looked at the fun and interesting holiday traditions people around the country pick up this time of year, compiling a list of the most unique Christmas tradition in each state, from an underground winter wonderland in Alabama and a town-wide scavenger hunt in Vermont to a Rhode Island tradition of building a tree out of lobster traps.

So what is Louisiana's most unique Christmas tradition?

Christmas Bonfires

Forget a frosty wintery wonderland or a White Christmas — Louisiana is heating up each holiday season with Christmas bonfires in the bayou.

Here's what Insider had to say:

"Christmas Eve bonfires on the levees are a holiday tradition synonymous with Creole culture. Every Christmas Eve, locals burn log structures that stand up to an impressive 30 feet. Most are built as traditional teepees ... but some depict shapes like houses and ships."

Check out Insider's full list to see all the best, most unique Christmas traditions around the country.

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